The Gold Harvest

On the outskirts of Brecon during a recent trip to the manmade reservoirs in the Elan Valley, Mid Wales, my fellow photography companion and I noticed a couple of fields with late August straw bales.

‘Perhaps we’ll be able to grab a few golden hour shots on the return journey’, I remarked as we flew by.

On our return the original field I had in mind was no longer a possibility as the bales had already been taken.  There was only one field left with an open gate as the fast sinking sun hastened our approach loaded with backpacks and tripods.  I might have preferred more time to consider the stronger compositions, but I was as excited as a child in a sweet shop and my eyes were distracted by a particular backdrop.  So many mistakes have been made by doing this, unaware of the potential behind my back.  I experimented  with shots one way with a sky devoid of cloud before facing the direction you see in the featured image.  For me, the series of images recorded from this location represented late summer and were totally unexpected.  Sometimes, in photography, it is the unexpected opportunities that provide the most satisfying memories of the day.


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