Timing is everything and nothing. Studying maps, preparing equipment, scouting… If the weather is on your side, the dream will manifest with nature’s blessing on your side. For that time whilst you are sitting, standing, taking everything in, there is a strong sense of being in the moment and savouring one of life’s simple pleasures…

I have been sky dreaming for as long as I can remember. As a child with summer memories of lying on the grass and imagining characters in passing cloud processions. In the days before I started to enjoy school, I remember sitting at my desk by towering windows, looking up at the big sky with its promise of freedom…

Now I dream of sunrises, sunsets, interesting cloud and record the passing of time.

’Sky Dreaming’ was captured on the island of Ibiza. It is probably one of the most beautiful and photographed locations on the island with the Torre des Savinar (defence tower) as well as the Cova des Mirador and sweeping views directly over the Vedrà and Vedranell, north to the island of Conillera and southeast to Formentera. I had planned for sunset and hoped that there would be some interesting cloud and, as if by magic, my wish was answered. The decision to arrive in plenty of time was a wise one because it wasn’t long before other tourists started to arrive. Some families brought a picnic, one couple hoping for a romantic sunset portrait, posed for a photographer friend. In fact, there was quite a crowd of people to the sides and behind me, and, despite being hemmed in, there was an overwhelming feeling of peace. I remained for some time after the sun had disappeared, watching and recording the changing colours in the sky and to allow the crowds to move off – some to return to the beach below by foot and others, to make their way to the crowded makeshift dust-filled car parking area. It was the only time that there was chaos as people tried to manoeuvre in darkness, out of tight areas where foliage and other cars had made the most of the available space.


Salt Flats, Ses Salines
Salt Flats, Ses Salines, Ibiza


The image captured at Ses Salines was not as well prepared as the outlook onto Es Vedrà. It was supposed to have been a scouting mission for a morning shot and the sky didn’t appear very promising for an evening image anyway but, as I was there, I thought to hang around and take a walk along the salt flats with camera and tripod. If the statement about suffering for one’s art is true, I should have got a medal for the meal the mosquitos enjoyed on me that evening. The salt mountain against the greenery of woodland and reflection is great for early morning sunlight and compressed compositions of the flats at sunset make this a great location for landscapes. As a nature reserve, there is plenty of wildlife which makes it a fantastic location for all tastes.


Sunset over Santa Eulària des Riu
Sunset over Santa Eulària des Riu, Ibiza