One of my most treasured childhood memories is a walk with my father in a bluebell wood near my home.

I had been ill for what appeared weeks, experienced nothing but four walls and lost my appetite. Perhaps there were some signs of being on the mend when I showed an interest at my father’s suggestion of taking a walk in the fresh spring air but, I was yet to regain my appetite for food.

The memory of that walk and the blue carpet represented another magical experience that was to hold greater significance years later. As a child, the first experience helped me to find interest in food again and recover from illness. In adulthood, a few weeks before my father’s cancer finally extinguished what appetite he had for life, whilst walking through another bluebell wood, I phoned to check in on how he was feeling and to give thanks for my Birthday card. I suppose I knew there and then that it would be the last Birthday he would be around. He sang me Happy Birthday for the last time.

In The Bluebell Wood was created in camera in early May 2017 as a personal, emotional response to the happy childhood memory with my father.  It is broken down into the fluidity of feeling, movement, light and colour and appeared a fitting acknowledgement to the four years’ anniversary to his passing.